Health Insurance

I can offer you many choices when it comes to Health Insurance.


*Medicare Supplement:

As good as it is, Medicare alone was never intended to pay all your medical expenses.  This can leave you paying medical expenses out of your pocket, including things like co-insurance, co-pays, and deductibles.  That’s where our Medicare Supp Insurance can help!  It works with Medicare to offer more insurance coverage and help reduce the amount of money you spend out of your own pocket.  Simply put, Medicare Supplement Insurance can help pay your medical expenses.



We all know how important it is to see the dentist regularly.  After all, how we take care of our teeth is connected to the health of our whole body.  However, dental procedures can be expensive.  Because standard health insurance usually doesn’t include coverage for dental care (even Medicare can only provide limited benefits), it’s wise to seek dental coverage that can help you save money.  Our dental insurance can make it easier (and more affordable) to see your dentist and receive the care you need to stay healthy.


Critical Care:

While the odds of surviving cancer and other terminal diseases are higher than ever, it’s treatment can be expensive and very extensive.  Unfortunately, many of the costs are not covered by traditional medical insurance.  That’s where our Critical Care insurance comes in.  It can help cover the high costs of terminal illnesses and reduce the amount you spend out of your own pocket.  So, you can now worry less about bills and focus more on enjoying life.


Long-Term Care:

The need for long-term care can arise at any time in your life (perhaps due to a sudden illness, injury or car accident), so it’s important to plan now.  Long-term care can help make sure you have help getting care and paying for it.   Remember, long-term care can be expensive.  That’s where our long-term care insurance can help so you can keep your independence and not burden your loved ones with your care or medical bills.


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